USB Master

When a device driver or USB device gets into a bad state, it requires manual intervention in order to resolve the problem. This is simple to fix, if an operator is currently located with the system. If no one is present as in an automated test system, it will cause both significant delay and cost.

TellCore's USB Master connects between the USB devices and the controlling computer allowing the devices to be electrically 'Inserted' and 'Removed' automatically. These steps can be automatically triggered by the controlling test system if the USB device stops responding.

Multiple USB devices can also be connected to the USB Master. This feature enables up to 4 USB devices to be queued up for testing. Keeping test systems running 24/7 reducing operating costs.

Simple Interface

TellCore's USB Master is controlled via a USB interface. This remote interface enables USB devices to be inserted or removed programmatically.

A simple API (Application Programming Interface) is provided to quickly allow the USB Master to be integrated into any computer controlled system.

Supported Programming Interfaces:
• Microsoft .NET
• Perl
• Java
• Tickle Script
• DOS Prompt

Supported OS:
• Windows XP
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
• Windows Server 2007

If you need more information, please contact TellCore.

Documents & Downloads

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