Helping companies achieve the impossible

In today's financial climate all companies are trying to cut costs without impacting customer satisfaction. The wireless market space is no different, both cell phone manufacturers and infrastructure manufacturers are having to control costs.

One of the biggest costs associated with developing this wireless equipment, is testing. This requires specialized test equipment, which is both expensive and time consuming. TellCore solution can help companies maximize their investment in this type of test equipment while also minimizing test time.

Save Time & Money

TellCore solutions products and services allow companies to fully automate test execution. This maximizes the investments companies have already made when they purchased the wireless test equipment.

Wireless test systems can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Due to the existing level of automation, these test systems are typically running only 12 hours per day. TellCore can help maximize the value of these systems by dramatically decreasing the amount of time they are idle. Automating these systems, both reduces the hourly cost of the equipment and also allow wireless devices to be tested quicker.