UE Multiplexer

Today's test systems are extremely complex and hence are very expensive. Wireless Conformance test systems can easily cost more than $300,000 USD and every minute these systems are not running, is wasted time and money.

TellCore's UE Multiplexer enables multiple devices to be queued up for testing. As each device completes the testing another device can immediately be selected and testing started. This can easily more than double the test system utilization.

The UE Multiplexer switches both the USB and 1 or 2 RF connection. This allows the UE Multiplexer to be used with a wide variety of test systems with different RF requirements (i.e. 2x2 MIMO, Rx Diversity, Tx Diversity, etc...)

Simple Interface

TellCore's UE Multiplexer is controlled via an Ethernet interface. This remote interface enables upto 4 devices to be connected to a single test system.

A simple API (Application Programming Interface) is provided to quickly allow the UE Multiplexer to be integrated into any computer controlled system.

Supported Programming Interfaces:
• Microsoft .NET
• Perl
• Java
• Tickle Script
• DOS Prompt

Supported OS:
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
• Windows 8, 8.1
• Windows Server 2007

If you need more information, please contact TellCore.

Documents & Downloads

User Manual
SW Install
Example Project